The Peak – AGAIN?

I supposed to meet Jeff in TST at 14:00 but since I got home at 8am, it’s a mission impossible and I ended up waking up at 14:00.  Of course, I sent him a message before I went to bed but this isn’t too good……………

Our 1st objective – Star Ferry! Hmm.. his objective and we were like those tourists lol anyway, we got to the Peak safe and sound by Peaktram and took several pictures over there. 

The 2nd objective is dining at the XXXXX (my goal).  I ordered a Sirloin with Rosemary Roasted Potatoes and asparagas.  The sauce was Madeiras. He ordered a Salmon, with the sauce made of eggs.  We also got a thai spicy seafood salad and the flavour was really nice.  It was a wonderful dinner and I enjoyed it tremendously.  (A little embarassing movement: 10 dollar tips for a dinner > $1000.  I saw the face of the waiter, althought he was subtle lol)

Waxing House was the 3rd objective and it’s changed a bit from a few months ago.  I took some crazy pictures (POSTED)(will be posted once I get a hold of ’em).  We left at around 9:45 ‘n walk to the intermediate station.  It was fun to get on from other stations than the terminal. 


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