Thailand Tour

December 8

Left office on time but I faced a traffic jam and was a bit behind schedule.  Spending like 15 minutes for final packing and had a bowl of noodles, then I rushed out.  I didn’t know Emirates requires passenger using e-ticket to arrive the check-in counter an hour before departure, and I had no choice but to take taxi when I were in Tsuen Wan.  Twenty minutes later did I arrive the airport and did all the check-in in like 2 minutes.  Suddenly, both Jeff and I were so free and we could even take a few pictures inside the airport before we headed to the Custom.  I am so fuk’n outdated that I didn’t even know about the “e-tunnel” or sth.  Kinda laughed by Jeff when I finally got through but it was okay.

The plane was a Boeing 777 and had 2 adjustments for the seat, both the back support and the reclining.  It was a kinda pleasant flight but something funny happened.  I ordered a gluten free meal and they did give me that, with a piece of nice round bread… lol.  We arrived the hotel – Holiday Inn Silom at around 1am (Bangkok time).  I was being told I wasn’t a Hong Kong person as he told me the password for the safe; I was like – what does it represent???  The password was 8964 – I believe most of you would know what it means…


December 9

We left the hotel at around 12 pm as both of us were exhausted and of course, I needed a coffee – Starbucks here we go!!!  We wandered around… hmm should I say I wandered around??? Cuz he seemed to know where we were going.  We had some noodles (rice sticks???), something the locals would have for lunch and dinner, at a hawker place.  It was quite nice in fact, but the quality of seafood was………….

After that, we took the Skytrain to get to “Playground”, a nice 3 stories building, selling high-end goods.  It’s quite comfy there but you won’t feel comfortable to buy clothes there as it’s about 30% more expensive.  We spent about an hour and a half at there and then we walked back to the train station.  There were a nice cookie and ice-cream shop on the way out and both of us bought something as souvenirs.   We took the Skytrain to Limphini Park and took tons of pictures around there, and checked out the go-go boy area after that.  It was for the preparation purpose as we needed to know which club we would be going later that night.  Anyway, we took the Tuk Tuk to the Patong Night Bizarre for dinner and some souvenir shopping.  Do you guys think we would go to those shows right after that?????  Well, we ain’t that thirsty and we certainly had to get dressed.  We chose an upscale club – Jupiter 2002 and the show was a bit disappointed.  I was expecting something more hardcore… lol anyway, we decided to go for another show at another club but it was just way too scary as the solicitors tried to pull you into his own club.  There are way too many clubs = serious competition.  We ended up going nowhere but just trekked along the street to check out the hawkers’ sellings.  Finally, we landed on a bar, and we met a UK lady- Anne.  She has been living in Thailand for like 7 years and can be our translators.  We talked a bit and laughed at Jeff (Sorry, Jeff!!! Wasn’t mean to be rude but it’s real fun lol).


December 11

Final day in Thailand, and we first had a nice full breakfast in the hotel.  We missed it yesterday since we were up way too late.  It was a combination of Chinese, Continental, American, Indian, and Japanese.  Weekend market was our 1st destination for that day and it was HUGE!!!  We could barely finished ¾ of it and we left.  Our 2nd destination is a spa and massage centre.  Both of us chose the hot stone massage (90 minutes) and it was NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEee!!!!!! How nice is it if we have something similar in Hong Kong.  The bathing area was decorated as well.  Hahahhaha

Our final destination – airport; and it was time to say goodbye, and I will certainly go back to Bangkok.  It was just plain nice and people were friendly, although you need to have prefect bargaining skill.  A good place, in a nutshell, to chill whole year round.


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