A mistake

Not a smooth day at all as I was late for work (traffic jam) and worked OT till almost 5!  I supposed to be off at 15:00 as it was our firm’s annual dinner night.

Had a nice haircut @ MAX in TST, and the assistant was quite nice – hmm good lookin’ as well.  Anyway, I had to rush back to the Exhibition Centre to enter the lucky draw.  The traffic jam was like crazy in CWB when I was on my way back to CWB.  It took the tram 40 mins to get to the next station.  I was stuck and couldn’t get off.  I knew Zoran would be so mad as he hated this.

Anyway, I met up with Kalin and went up to the restaurant first, as Henry had been waiting inside for like 15 minutes already.  Zoran arrived 10 mins after us and I could tell from his face – his furiousness.  I got the feeling he wasn’t really want to talk to me, in a way, it was my fault.  We left around 9:25 and I rushed back to Wanchai to join the party.

The party was ended at around 11:30 but I could’t leave until around 12:15 – to assist my friend – Peter.  Anyway, I gave you a call and offered a visit.  I was really happy you took the offer.  Even though I was extremely tired, I still wanna make up for ya.  We got a warm-up for our stomach and didn’t really talked about the issue.  I knew there was still something but if you prefer another way to let me know, it’s absolutely okay.

I will make sure nothing like this to be happened again, and I ain’t a party maniac.


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