Excellent – Mr Barn Voice

Yeah, had woken up pretty early today cuz I didn’t wanna be late and basically I left on time but the traffic was real bad.  Besides, I had to get the present… limited edition HomeStar Pro… It’s much more expensive than I expected… anyway…….rushed rushed & rushed

We met at the Pier in Central but the first response was disappointment as you had a panasonic starviewer or something!  This is the 2nd time… after the Thailand souvenir.

We did several things that won’t likely to happen too often in our daily dating… well, it’s my choice haha.  Anyway, the movie – 007 was nice, an a bit unexpected ending; so were the course we saw it.  We spent 2+ hours at Repulse Bay, and we talked a lot… about my stuff and yours!  I will put the feeling of your hug, kiss, and everything in my heart.  It was just EXCELLENT – Mr Barn Voice……….


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