My retain was showing – stock-take on the 30th only but then it was changed about 5 days ago to 31st-1st Jan.  It was a blow as I already scheduled activities.. well and see YOUR FRIENDS…  Anyway, I’d no choice but to say I couldn’t make it.

The flight was at 8am… WTF! and I had no idea why we had to take such a early flight.  Anyway, I woke up at 6:15 and got change.  It only took 30 minutes from my home to the airport by taxi, and I even arrived earlier than my co-worker  What a feat!!!!!!

Well, the flight was on time and the client told us there were 2 warehouse with no lighting fixtures, so we had to be there while the sun was still…. shining.  I didn’t expect it’d be like warehouses in the U.S., but still a bit shocked when I was there.  A bit disorganized and stacked up to 8 boxes per column… lol, it’s hard to check.

Anyway, we got everything done and left at 6:30pm.  The client bought us a dinner at a nice restaurant, but the quality of those staffs were…. sucksucksuck!

The flight back to HK was scheduled to leave at 11:15 and it was delayed for an hour… cuz it was busy??????  China should really open more airspaces to commerical aviation uses instead of keeping it for military purpose.


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