We talked

well, I talked to my ex – A and it was all fun.  Something just came up and I looked at the MSN history between us.  There was a feeling that you and me hardly have; and I’m still feelin’ something, either trivial or small at the present moment to him.  Yeah, I ain’t comparing you two but just wanna let you know my feeling.  I’ve utmost confidence in you and we’re goin’ to be at that stage as well.  I understood you’d like to move on a bit slower after listening what I told ya but it’d be quite clear my heart is  is devoted toward ya.  Hopefully, you’re the same as well.

One thought on “We talked

  1. So happy that you have tell me the truth !! I also know that my speed has a bit slow to you ! But i feel more stable than the past . As i\’ve told you that i\’ve already pass the passion and romance , now i just want to be stable , mature and long lasting . I will not stop you or control you to make this comparison . I still being myself , just same as you , you don\’t want to lose yrself when dating !! I just care what you feeling about me and what you thinking , I\’m glad to hear you !! haha , don\’t forget it , i\’m a good listener and analyst ar !!  

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