Thanks a lot, my lord.  You made the sky clear and sunny; and we could go cycling.  I wasn’t expecting anything as mo mo said it’d be too cold to go the day after today.  That wasn’t what I wanted but yeah, I understood totally and I was happy to reschedule it to next week.

Mo Mo called me around 2pm and asked if I wanna go cycling.  I was like "yeah, why not?".  LoL, that’s the 1st time you visit Tai Po in 10+ years?? Anyway, we took the way to Tai Mai Tuk and spent some time on the dam.  We were plannin’ to return the bicycle over there but they were like you couldn’t do it unless you specified it right at the beginning.  I was okay either way but I didn’t want ya to "suffer". 

We spent like an hour walking around in Tai Po Hui.  It was fun to walk w/ ya and you looked less uptight than in CWB.

P.S.  I ain’t your ex.  If ya needa stick with the habits you had, I’m sorry then.


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