Good –> Great –> Bad –> Totally Suck

I had a good beginning, as May fought 5 hours OT for me and Gigi.  It became great when I bumped into Steven.  It has been more than 6 months since we met up last time.  Anyway, we talked a lot about our jobs and our classmates from high school.

Ya arrived Admiralty around 8, an hour behind schedule.  I was totally okay with that and I was more than happy to see you.  It didn’t take long behind you started turning my day from great to bad, and then to SUCK!

The following were my thought at 9:15pm

I dun mind to wait for you as I missed ya a lot and I understood you’ve been busy lately.  I dun even mind you couldn’t have dinner with me cuz I didn’t notice ya in advance.  Your tone and attitude were the buggy.  It hurt when you sounded like it was my fault.  I was never trying or even considering to put all the blame on ya.  Why did you do this, just to avoid the potential blame?  Being together isn’t about avoiding blame as you do in office.  It’s about sharin both happiness and sadness.  This is way too self-preservative.


I did try to ignore it and walked you to thr bus station.  Unfortunately, you didn’t care to talk to me even during that short period of time.  You knew your bus had just left and you didn’t offer to spend more time w/ me by walking to my station together.  Sometimes, it’s all about these little things!  AM I ASKING FOR TOO MUCH???


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