Happy Friday

Yah, it was an almost wonderful day, except someone got on my back!
I met up with Godric for dinner at around 7:30 in CWB and it was nice to see him.  We’ve both been so busy that we never got around to even have a drink.  Anyway, we had an aveage japanese dinner at MOEH.  Both of us did something stupid by asking the waiter for the key to the washroom. NO KEY IS NEEDED!
We went to MeiLanFang at around 10:40 ‘n got there at around 11:20.  Henry got there ’bout 5 mins later and Godric sensed my attitude toward him.  He was teasing me once in a while… There were so many people and you could hardly find a fuk’n place to stand.  We waited outside the bar for other friends and was planning to go to another one instead.  Ran & Kalin arrived at around 12 and he just got a table inside… ridiculously!  Kalin’s Vietnamese American friend got there 10 mins after that and we just had a small talk with each other.  Godric and I basically talked to each other and didn’t pay too much attention on others as they’re…. well you know!
Since I wanna check out Volume so much, we left after a drink, and 2 bars were surprisingly close to each other; it was like a 2-min walk.  Volume is definitely better for partyin’ as they have loud music.  If you wanna have a nice conversation, you will be better to stick with MLF.  We were all burned out and headed home at 3:15.  It was nice!!!

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