NDS Lite

Finally, I could leave early – 8pm in weekday.  You may say something like "8pm?? Are you crazy?" This is the life of an auditor during peak season, and 8pm is a wonderful number to us.

I didn’t expect I could leave that early, so ‘ve asked Nicole to buy the NDSL for me.  It isn’t for me but momo… a present to him.  Nicole bought the light blue console and I got him a white one.  HK$1500… not too bad

Well, I left at 8:10 and met up with Godric for dinner.  I had a great time; hopefully he felt the same too.  We went to a Jap restaurant, called Shabu – which can be translated into "Hotpot".  The quality of the food is better than my expectation (not really expecting anythin’ too fancy lol) but they really need to beef up their services.


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