New Hair

Time for a new hair style, a new life!

Short but non-funky hair… It feels good – light and refreshing.

1 week

A week has passed.  No one around me seemed to notice anything; am I too good to hide my emotion when I wanted?
I didn’t cry, or even sob a little this time… not because I didn’t love you; not because I loved you less than others.  It hurted much more than before and it’s that bleedin’ in my heart – really tells my feelin’.
Even we knew we couldn’t be together anymore in current status, there’re regret, disappointment, sorrow surrodin’ me.  I know I ain’t ready to let go EVERYthing, even all my friends are thinkin’ that I’ve already done so.
Nobody knows the future, and I certainly wanna share my happiness and sadness w/ ya in the future.  I hope you’d do the same.  There’s always hope if we’re open and honest to each other.
I DO miss

Thank you

I know I ain’t paying enough attention to details; I know you’d be disappointed.  I’ve no one to blame but myself.  I just wanna thank you for the past 5 months, which has made me a better person, and opened my eyes.  It has been a lot to swallow but that was also a rightful decision.

Thank you to be one of the puzzle of my life.  I value it and cherish it.  Friends are for forever and I do miss you.

Meetin’ Old Fds

Got a call from Perly at around 20:00 yesterday, and asked me to go for a drink.  I was like sure, let’s have a drink.  We met at Hotel Miramar at 11pm and headed to Observatory Street – QuePASA for a drink.  It’s a Spanish restaurant, specialized in Tequila drinks.

Seriously, the drinks suck.  I tried Bellini, Mimosa, and Cosmotequila, which all tasted weird.  The good thing was talking to friends, which I haven’t met for at least half a year.  There were high school fd, ex-colleagues.  I had a good time… got home at around 4:30am