Ocean’s 13

Totally spur of the moment stuff… my fd – Paul invited me to meet Mr. Ocean at MegaBox… well it wasn’t my 1st time goin’ to Megabox cuz it’s so close to my client’s office, and my co-workers and I spent our noon over there on June 1 already. 

I dun really like there, kinda messy, both the design of the building ‘n the flow of patrons.  In terms of the cinema, it’s kinda stupid because they hang the screen too high, so even we were sitting at the 6th row, it wasn’t comfy at all… (BTW, it’s a small theatre, like less than 20 rows available)

Well, let’s go back to the movie… I kinda like it cuz I’ve always been a fan of Ocean series movie… lol too bad Tess (Julia Robert) wasn’t filmed, not even as a guest star!  The flow is better than Ocean’s 12, ‘n it’s all about the trap ‘n snatch stuff.  Not bad for the purpose of relaxation as long as ya dun pick on their tricks.


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