Party for GOOD

Yeah the exams were way behind me, and I went out partying w/ friends all night long after that.

I met up w/ Chris in TST at 7:30 and both of us wanted to have a haircut.  My stylist, which has been working for me for more than 6 years opened his own salon in Canton Road w/ his ex-colleagues of Aroma Collection, and Chris agreed to give it a try.

Chris got to see "Lust" in Times Square, and when we got to the salon, there were 2 people ahead of us in the queue.  Leo, the stylist, also worried that he couldn’t finish it on time, so he suggested Chris to come again next time lol.  Anyway, we chatted a bit and Chris headed for dinner w/ others.  It ended up if he had stayed, he would have gotten everything done on time!  well you can never tell

After that, I took subway to Langham Place to get together with Henry for dinner.  We went to Tapa Z, all smarties should know what it offers, and had a so so dinner at there.  We had pasta, mussels, cold cuts, saffron ham, potato wedges etc.  For what we paid, it wasn’t too shabby at all.

We left at around 11:15 and I proceeded to CWB to say hi to Charles at Lab.  It was kinda a belated celebration of his birthday and I just spent around 30 mins in there and Chris reminded me it was time to depart.  We took the cab to Central, well more to Sheung Wan and joined another flock – Brian, Prian, Joe, Billy, Go, and Fred at MeiLanFang.  It was way too crowded there, so we decided to try out another bar – Rice to see if we could get the couch.  To our surprise, we got 3 couches and it was so comfy lol.  Oh PEOPLE, have u ever seen a DAIQUIRI serves like Cuba Libre?  To start with, the bar boy (I think it is a more appropriate term for him) had no idea what a daiquiri was even though it was on their list.  We did spend some time to explain, and then he came back to us and said they got no sugar.  Oh c’mon there is something called syrup!  Anyway, I asked him to skip the sugar.  When he passed me the drink, I couldn’t think anymore cuz it was like a rum on the rocks w/ a slice of lemon.  RICE SUCKS!!!!!!

We chatted quite some time, and I bumped into Nillson before we left for some night snacks.  We walked back to Central to fill our hungers… well their hungers since I didn’t eat anything.

What a great night!!!!


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