Treasures of the World’s Cultures

It’s not a new exhibition and has been widely talked in Hong Kong, and yes Treasures of the World’s Cultures from the British Museum it is!

The whole exhibition was divided into many sections, based on the geography and time.  It includes Prehistory, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Early Europe, Medival, Renaissance and Later Europe, South and East Asia, Islam, Africa, Oceania, and The Americas.  It’s a must-see exhibition for everyone and you’ll definitely find something interesting in it.  Mesopotamia was the period that especially attractive to me, such as the lapislazuli ornament and bracelet, and of course the stela.

A bit off topic but it’s been quite a few months since I went out with my mom, so it’s great to spend a day w/ her.  I really should manage my time in a better way lol


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