New Year Eve

I really shouldn’t eat spicy food anymore… my face became a tomato lol… but it was so delicious.  Yeah, it’s Thai food I’ve been talkin’ about.  Had a nice dinner at Chili Club and we ordered red curry, fish on stove, prawn salad, and young coconuts.  Maybe one step at a time, I’ll be accustomed to the spiciness.

Well, it was a whole new experience to count down on the Peak Tower but I do still feel a bit dumb to pay 20 bucks for the sake of using the observatory floor.  It used to be free and they did absolutely nothing to upgrade the area and chargin’ people money now.  The worse thing was that they hadn’t limited # of people to get to the area and it was so crowded that it just became the worst place for the firework unless you got to the ledges.  Damn the businessmen!!!!!!!!!!

It was definitely another unforgettable night for me, as was the X’mas Eve.  Thank you so much for everything even though it reminded me about some past events…… Money stuff did kick in! lol 😛 


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