Last week of January 2008

Time flies, and the January passed.  I dun know if it’s good as the hectic schedule at work drew my attention away from those unhappy memory.  Yeah I guess I’m doin’ alright now.

It’s really tough to be in charge of a listed company cuz it just wasn’t expected, either by me and the Company.  I still remember I came across something that during training, the instruction had mentioned it won’t be something we should bother at our grade.  Sandwiched bookings, which I have to take care of both sides make it even messier.  It’s a good way to learn but hmm….. Maybe w/ a senior would make the learning more efficient, at least I could raise my questions and concerns. 

It’s been quite a while I went back to client’s office on Sat, and I did just that; and got back to IFC to keep working on the stuff till 7:30.  Dun know why? but I wanted to have Paella so much at that time.  Met up with Yosan in Harbour City to pick up a CD – Symphony by Sarah Brightman, and we headed to Miramar Mall.  He wanted to buy a glove for his PRC trip in Lunar New Year, and I wanted to buy a pair of slipper.  Both of us got anything we wanna get and we were starving too.  At that time, I was thinkin’ risotto wasn’t a bad choice either… lol

Anyway, we went to El Cid and ordered a today’s special – Escargos & chorizo paella.  It was just great, yummmmmmmmmmy, also Mushroom in saffron sauce, and stuffed squid in ink sauce; of course, I ordered a white wine to accompany the food.  We had a great talk on myself, view on family issues etc.  It’s not a hot debate, but we do hold a quite different view.


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