Live! Concert – EO2, Eason, Khalil, and Kay

Thanks my lovely Wind Wind gettin’ me the tickets, and of course his colleague who gave him the tickets.  The seats were good, though not excellent since……

Well, the performance was great, and really passed the power to all audiences.  The cross-over of Eason and Khalil has made me so excited w/ the album Eason is going to release (Mandarin Album).  Kay was great again, like her performance in Khalil’s concert. The final part of the concert was a series of dancing songs, and like 90% of people were dancing and bouncin’… yeah, it was cool.

Side story:  Few chubby and ugly gals sitting in front of us… kept yelling "eason" even it was other artists’ time… totally irrespectful ! Even people who were sittin’ behind us laughed at their immature behaviour.

James Blunt – Concert in Hong Kong

Before the concert, we had a Japanese buffet in Wanchai @Wharney Guang Dong hotel.  We got there around 7, and in that hour, only 3 tables and in total 8 people were in the hotel.  I know it’s weekday but still… hahahah  Well the food isn’t superb but well average or a tad below it.  If you book a table in advance, you get some 5-30% discount… from the HK$188/person.

The music started at 9, an hour late, but people got into mood in like 5-10 minutes.  James got a wit, and it was fun… lol he picked a song for the "Most played in a divorce" to accompany the "Most played in a funeral" and "Most played in a wedding" from his new album lol

The concert lasted for close to 2 hours, so it wasn’t bad at all.  You could totally feel the emotion when he sang, yepper, very engaged with his songs.  The more important thing is… I spent my evening with my significant half!  it’s very sweet, when we looked at each other, while James was singing you are beautiful.


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