Jonny Day!!!

Congratulation to Jonathan!!!  Yesterday was his graduation ceremony and yeah, after wastin’ time!?? on a undergrad. degree that couldn’t land him a job, he completed a master degree in actuary.  The ceremony was located at Grant Hyatt and the lobby was so crowded that we could barely move around.  Not lots of attractive people around except a friend of Jonny… lol  His bro took a few pix for us, and here they are (click for a bigger size photo):

After the ceremony, I went to the Book Fair with a bastard – Martin… lol he knows why I call him that.  In Hall 1, I bumped into my lovely beautiful cousin, Jane.  lol it was totally by luck as we know, the exhibition was huge and there were flocks of people.  She just sneaked out for a few hours from her camp to snap whatever books she needs lol.  Anyway, I stayed there till 9:50 and took the star ferry home.


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