Suppose-to-be Beach Day

Well, I’d say thank you to lily for her invitation.  Moreover, thanks Leslie for joining us and 勇歌 joined us after we got back to CWB from the beach.

Lily, Angel, Simmi, Leslie and I met up in Times Square and took the cab to South Bay Beach at 14:30.  It was a smooth ride and the weather was just perfect when we arrived.  Les and I picked the spot… well more was Leslie picked the spot ‘n the gals headed to the changing room.  I always wonder wot da exciting things in the gals’ powder room as they could spend a great deala time in there.  It was no exception this time and they spent like 45 mins in there.  No offence gals, just tellin’ the turth!!! lol  Anyway, when they got back, the sun was startin’ to disappear ‘n we heard a few thunders.  We were pounderin’ whether to leave or not, as Les and I only had an hour suntanning and the gals had none.  We finally decided to leave since we heard from 勇 that it was rainin’ in CWB and we didn’t wanna wait under the rain w/ no cover whatsoever for the damn taxi.  (For those who have been to the South Bay Beach, cab is the only transport mode available.)

It was only 4:30 when we arrived CWB and it was way too early.  Sim suggested Inside Out, a bar & restaurant that she used to spend her time when she sneaked out from work.  The drinks ain’t really good there as the same drink could have different taste and presentation (even in the same round).  The bartender could really make use of some training courses lol…  Not long did Leslie have a few sips, he was much more relax that before (He was plastic and gals were electricity lmao).   勇joined us after the 1st round, and Les just couldn’t help but started his story w/ Ki again… 勇and I were like… not again hahaha (just kiddin’, Les)  We had a good talk and it was just fun 🙂 勇 gave me a quite different impression this time than the time we had hotpot.  Thanks, it was fun!!!

Since we were all half full after havin’ some snacks, we went to a Viet restaurant close-by and the waiter gave us a private room … it’s very nice of him!!!  The food ain’t really that good but for wot we paid, it was still reasonable.  Leslie was totally spaced out and did many silly acts… haha and gave us a good laugh.  We did something stupid as we waved to the waiters and waitress outside and blamed about not paying attention to us.  It was until 勇 and I went to washroom and discovered that those are privacy glass.

We left at about 9:30-10 and 勇, Sim and I took the train home together.
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