Wow, it’s been a long time that I really did spend some money on clothes (well, buying a piece or 2 doesn’t count)!  I started from silvercord but nothin’ really caught my attention and I moved to Harbour City.  IFC’s kate spade is really better as it shows more men’s products!  I did find a bag but it didn’t really hit my "buying spot" lol.

Well, had a walk in Paul Smith and just found a new pair of shoes… I really should check out Lane Crawford as it is likely that it’d be cheaper… but whatever!!! lol  I can’t wait to see the new bags coming to shop in the comin’ week.  Pringle of Scotland is also having some great products, and nicer sales than elements’ shop.  We had a great talk and bought a pair of nice pants ‘n a polo shirt.  It’s just too boring to buy polo shirt from burberry and polo lol…

I did check out a few other shops but no jackpot was hit until at FCUK.  I was disturbed by Calvin somewhat as he gave me a call when I was in the fitting room, so I just had to leave with wot I had!!! lol

We had Vietnamese food with Christy and went to Knutford – Merhaba for a drink (really 1 drink for me this time, and mocktail only) hahaha.  Calvin had a merlot (chile) and Christy had a pina colada.  They did wanna smoke but we just waited too long for that, and everyone lost interests.

Hectic Day

I finally picked the offer that sounds the best to others – Kroll as an Analyst and yesterday was the day to sign the contract.  Silly me, I left my umbrella at the recption.

After that, I went to Shatin to meet with Calvin, and we had a walk around.  Nothing looked interesting to us and we headed to HIP SUSHI for dinner.  For the comment of the dinner, you may refer to my review at!  During dinner, I got a call from Stan and he would go to a bar with his friends (gay & str8) and confirmed my attendancy.  Well, Calvin would also have a few drinks with his friends in Wanchai and I was like I’d go as the 2nd round.

Calvin and I both headed home after dinner to get change and we met up in Tai Wai.  We went to a bar in Wanchai Road (23/F) and met up with Christy and Shelly.  Shelly’s bf and friends joined us later, so was Donson (Don Don).  Lol, he was holdin’ his cushion for most of da time and it was just funny.  We took quite a few photos there and left for our 2nd round at Explode.

Well, we should thank Don Don for book’n the table for us. lol, Stan was pretty hyped when we arrived, and there were 6 people at the table… well we supposed to be there at 2a.m. but we arrived at 3a.m.  6 Supermen are: Ryan, Vincent, Alva, Jackson, Raymond, and XXX (can’t remember his name as we never talked lol).  Don Don got into sth and I was very worried… so was Christy!  We talked to him and just wanna give him the silver lining of the stuff.  He was holdin’ tight his new cushion and it ain’t funny anymore as compared to the time in Wanchai.  Anyway, he left at around 5 and made both of us in torment of worrying.  Well, we did wot we could at that time (thou we should keep him there) and we tried to turn our focus back to others.  We had some funny talks and left at about 7a.m.