Wow, it’s been a long time that I really did spend some money on clothes (well, buying a piece or 2 doesn’t count)!  I started from silvercord but nothin’ really caught my attention and I moved to Harbour City.  IFC’s kate spade is really better as it shows more men’s products!  I did find a bag but it didn’t really hit my "buying spot" lol.

Well, had a walk in Paul Smith and just found a new pair of shoes… I really should check out Lane Crawford as it is likely that it’d be cheaper… but whatever!!! lol  I can’t wait to see the new bags coming to shop in the comin’ week.  Pringle of Scotland is also having some great products, and nicer sales than elements’ shop.  We had a great talk and bought a pair of nice pants ‘n a polo shirt.  It’s just too boring to buy polo shirt from burberry and polo lol…

I did check out a few other shops but no jackpot was hit until at FCUK.  I was disturbed by Calvin somewhat as he gave me a call when I was in the fitting room, so I just had to leave with wot I had!!! lol

We had Vietnamese food with Christy and went to Knutford – Merhaba for a drink (really 1 drink for me this time, and mocktail only) hahaha.  Calvin had a merlot (chile) and Christy had a pina colada.  They did wanna smoke but we just waited too long for that, and everyone lost interests.


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