I don’t even know why… but I do enjoy the time.

Food Inc.

Movie nite with ka ka, and my attention was drawn to this movie due to its Chinese name (毒食難肥).  It’s a movie about the modern food supply chain, and portraited what we eat everyday (at least for Amercian and Canadian) in an interesting light.  No doubt that the movie is not impartial but it does bring important messages to everyone to mull.

What do we know about what we put in our mouth everyday?
What information is available?
What is too big/powerful?

I think all of us should do what we can do.  After all, unity is strength


Yeah, after a week of postponement and we got a nice day for cycling…. at least seems to be nice as I found out that the air quality was awfully… lol

Oscar, KK, Dominic and I met up in Shatin at 11, well at least Dominic… hahaha and Yuki was in bed 🙂  Anyway we got there early and got plenty of bicycles we could choose from, nice deal.  Our plan was riding all da way from Shatin to Tai Mei Tut and return.  The ride to Tai Mei Tut was alright and Yuki joined us in Tai Po.  The way out was kinda pain in the ass… well physically as well as my buttlock  was screaming “HELP” all da time. hahaha

I think it was fun, and it’d be better if we return the bicycle in Tai Po.  Anyway, cake cake won’t wanna get on a bicycle for a little while lol…

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