Back to Canada – Day 2

I think I was quite tired and I did sleep in today.  It was after three for sure but I ain’t sure about the time.
I think the good sleep did make me energized and look refreshing, which is good as I had to visit Tucky.  Tucky and Wilson picked me up at 7:15 and we headed to Arizona for wings.  The original plan was to Black Hoof, a restaurant in Dundas that serves exotic food but.. well it doesn’t matter as Arizona is cool to chill with friends.  
Tucky and I had so many good laughs and it’s good she’s happy again! Well, as compared to like 3 years ago.  Of course I do hope to see her often and she’d come back to Hong Kong cuz we would share lota good time for sure.  It seems to be not an option for now but who knows??? LOL
Also got a chance to have a short chat with kabubu, which is nice

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