Back to Canada – Day 3

Got up early to renew my driver’s licence as it was the first day 6 DriveTest Centres provide limited services for people again since the strike had gone on.  I got there just before nine (they opened at 8:30) and there were already >100 people lining up.  The ridiculous thing was that they only let 2 people in every 10 minutes so everyone was waiting outside… in a cold wind blwoing environment.  If ya wanna know more about the strike, do some googling.  Anyway, got my licence renewed after waiting 6 hours in line and headed to Quebec.
Getting to Quebec ain’t without hiccups.  We got lost in the Montreal highway as it is one of the most confusing highway systems I have experienced.  We got to the hotel at 9p.m., and as soon as I dropped off my stuff, we headed out to search for something for our poor stomach.  Hotel staff recommended Holder or any restaurance in the same street.  As we strolled along there, Holder did catch our attention.  Holder it was then!
I had a french onion soup to start with and a medium cooked calf liver with balsamic sauce as the entree.  Both of them are wonderful, especially the french onion soup, something easy to make but difficult to make it good.  Medium cooked calf liver, which is an interesting experience.

One thought on “Back to Canada – Day 3

  1. I just wonder, why this stupid selfish drivetest employees can hold people out of the services they have right on? I would just go in and let them assault me and then call the police.

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