Back to Canada – Day 4

The real adventure in Montreal began…….
I did not check any maps or tour guides and since my friend gotta get a strap for his camera, we headed to a direction that I saw a very traditional Chinese style building.  After getting what he gotta buy at the camera shop, we walked over to the traditional Chinese style building and it turned out to be the Holdiay Inn, which is kinda neat to non-Chinese.  A block or two up is the main street of Chinatown.  Everything is quite condensed compared to the San Francisco or Toronto Chinatown, and it is a lot cleaner too.
We then wandered around the area until my friend saw a nice classical building and we decided to get close to it and take a look at it.  Thanks to that, we discovered a very nice place for crepe, called Cafe Crepe located on Rue Norte Dam.  My aubergine, sausage and sundried tomato crepe was cooked to almost perfect, so was the espresso dopio.  What they offers do totally worth more than what we paid for.
A block down, to the side of the waterfront, we noticed a massive building, Gallerie des Metiers d’Art which hosts a wide variety of shops selling souvenir, stone display, Inuit Art etc.  Things are nice but pricey.  A walk along the Rue St. Paul would give everyone the spirital yearn for art.  Lots of wonderful galleries could be found there and even shops selling dragon and various medival time clothing etc. 
I noticed a shop in basement selling silver and gold made jewellery and almost all items selling at that shop are one of the piece.  I was very lucky to find a ring I really love and I do find it worth every single penny that was paid.  This artist prefers to create everything by single plate of silver or gold, by folding and twisting.  He was also very generous and demonstrated to us how he came up with ideas and the whole process of getting the products on display.  There is also a nice grocery store selling organic items there and the chocolate mousse cake is good, though not great.
After enjoying the cake at the hotel and dropped off everything that we got, we walked to St Parick Basilica, a small and second Basilica in Montreal.  It is relatively uncommon to have more than 1 Basilica in the same city.  To relax a bit, we decided to go to Mont Royal region and follow the suggested walking route according to the guide book.  The suggested route brought us to experience a lot of interesting shops, from bakery to orgainic tea shops.  We also visited Parc Lafortaine, which is a stunning place for photos, especially in the summer or with snow.
Dinner (yes, I know, it’s about eat again)…. Afgan food.  The resturant is called Khyber Pass and just the entrance itself would draw you into the restaurant.  The food itself, which was tastes a lot lighter than I expected (not sure if it is adapted to the Canadian taste), was still delicious.  Pilaf, using 3 different balsamic rices, and the saffron did bring the simple thing a notch up.
Station Beaudry, the Church equivalent is the last thing on the agenda.  Weekdays, as usual, won’t see a big crowd and I was there a bit early too.  Next time, maybe next time.

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