Back to Canada – Day 5

It was supposed to be a big day as we plan to go to the Parc national des Îles-de-Boucherville for the nature.

Well, 1st thing in the morning was to visit post office as I really needa send the postcards out (it’s for you, Jenny). Too bad they ain’t willing to give me a postmark for the postcard without address.

for some reasons we’d visit the post office again 🙂

On the way back to the hotel to collect our car, we just grabbed something simple for breakfast, simple but reasonable. lol

Montreal autoroute system is indeed confusing. Our attempts to get to the island all ended in a failure.  We got so close to that it’s almost touchable but still had to give up in the end.

The observatory and biodome, which were built as part of the Olympic game buildings, became our next targets. To avoid the "uncharted" highway, we got back to the city centre and drove inside the city instead.  Although it took twice as long, at least we got there

The structures of all Olympic game buildings are marvellous and a friendly assistant of the observatory speaks 10+ different language and his cantonese is neat.  The cable car of the observatory is intriguing.  It has two decks and still looks very modern after 20+ years since it was built.

The Biodome is divided into 4 ecosystems, which are tropical rain forest, Laurentian forest, St Lawrence Marine and Arctic & Antarctic. They really did a good job in designing the dome, e.g. the ventilation shaft is just like a tree trunk and blends in with the surroundings. 

My trip in Montreal got a little bit scary as after I got back to the hotel, I noticed my camera wasn’t with me anymore and every part of the car was searched.  Leaving me no choice, I decided to go back to places visited in the morning and it turned out that my camera was left at the post office.

Dinner of tonite is the best meal throughout the trip. A restaurant with more than 280 years of history, Pierre du Calvet, serves fine French cuisine. The dark rum they served was wonderful; just by having it on the rocks would bring out the aromatic taste of it.

I had a portabella mushroom salad to begin with, and a braised rabbit meat as the entree. This rabbit dish is a lot better than the dish at Watermark in HK.  For dessert, I was all in for peach sorbet, which was house-made and very smooth.  The wine we had was a 2006 Chateau Garraud.  My friend also ordered something I did find it quite special, elk meat. Yummy.


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