Back to Canada – Day 6

The last full day in Montreal, well at least it was planned so, and it would be an artistic day.

We went to a bistro, soupesoup, located in a basement near the museum we would visit, Musee Des Beaux-Arts De Montreal.  Both the soups and toasts we ordered were wonderful there. Sean had a Aubergines et parmesan while I had a Lentilles Molesienne.  We also had a Poudding Chomeur as dessert.  I was told it’s something unique to Quebec.

Musee Des Beaux-Arts De Montreal is housed in 2 buildings, situtated on both side of Rue Sherbrooke. Too bad that one of the buildings is closed for renovation but the special exhibition on Napolean is nice, at least in North American standard.

Afterward, we did some shopping on Rue Saint Catherine, where you can find all the major brands, from Burberry to H&M. Italian was the protagonist of the nite. Baked vegetable soup and buffalo tenderloin. I found the sauce for the buffalo dish is a bit too sweet. All in all, it was still a pleasant dinner.

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