Back to Canada – Day 7

The plan was to leave early on that day to avoid the traffic and it turned out to be another half-day sightseeing self tour. 

We headed back to the old Montreal area for brunch, at a restaurant specializing in fondue and crepe. To my surprise, they even have the so called Oriental fondue, which is basically cheese fondue with the soup base being changed to beef stock.  It’s nothing like what we have in HK.

I really tried hard to have something light for the last day in Montreal and ordered a green apple walnut salad. Crispy and fresh!

The final destination in Montreal is the Bascilica of Montreal, the oldest church in Montreal. The whole building was built by wood, and took basically 3 years to build (excluding winter time).  The final touch, which covered every corner of the church took another 6 years. The stories related to the church are fascinating, which I would suggest some online searches for everyone.

The ladies working at there are all very knowledgable about the church and the audio tour is a must for everyone visiting.

It took about 6 hours to drive back to Highway 25 and QEW intersection where Harald picked me up at Timmy.  On the way to his home, we stopped at a supermarket and I found something new and cool! Yellow rasberry, yah!


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