Back to Canada – Day 2

I think I was quite tired and I did sleep in today.  It was after three for sure but I ain’t sure about the time.
I think the good sleep did make me energized and look refreshing, which is good as I had to visit Tucky.  Tucky and Wilson picked me up at 7:15 and we headed to Arizona for wings.  The original plan was to Black Hoof, a restaurant in Dundas that serves exotic food but.. well it doesn’t matter as Arizona is cool to chill with friends.  
Tucky and I had so many good laughs and it’s good she’s happy again! Well, as compared to like 3 years ago.  Of course I do hope to see her often and she’d come back to Hong Kong cuz we would share lota good time for sure.  It seems to be not an option for now but who knows??? LOL
Also got a chance to have a short chat with kabubu, which is nice

Back to Canada – Day 1

Am I neglecting this blog???  It’s been quite some time since I updated and the frequency is gettin’ less and less.  There’re just too many things one needa handle day to day.  I have been sayin’ that I will build a new blog on my domain but still haven’t got around to do so lol…. it’s just human, putting aside those that won’t give an instant pleasure.
Anyway, back to Canada safe and sound and I really like the Terminal 3 of YYZ… well basically it’s the high speed moving walkway, made by ThyssenKrupp.  It started increasing speed about 1.5 feet from the point you get on.  The pallets "intermesh" with a comb and slot arrangement. They expand out of each other when speeding up, and compress into each other when slowing down about 2 feet before the end of it.
The trip was a little bit different and I transferred via Beijing International Airport.  Well the airport is huge but I dun find it convenient at all.  They got 3 floors, basically in Terminal 3 and my boarding pass couldn’t be issued in HK.  Most of the international transfers, if not all, require you to go to a counter to request a boarding pass.  Boarding pass is handwritten and they have to make a phone call to another side to pass along my passport number etc.  It took me 10 minutes+ just to get a boarding pass.
The next thing is to pass through the temperature check, and the customs.  It isn’t too bad if you are a Chinese National!  Do expect some waiting time if you hold a visa.  A few questions were asked (kudo to the custom officer as he is friendly, well compared to what I experienced from Lo Wu or Shanghai), and he let me pass.  Then u gotta take the elevator or esclator to go to the floor below and all you would see are domestic transfer and arrival, through the operator-free train.  I asked two staff, who were off-duty but still nice and friendly, and they asked me to get out from the door behind the escalator.  There was also a sign right beside the door asking visitors not to pass through.
Anyway, I got out of there and I had to line up for the custom check again.  The X-ray and security checks were next.  All of these could take up an hour if you hold visa.  The 1st thing you should do after getting pass all these mess is to check the map.  If you got into the wrong direction, it took you ages to get to the right gate.  You better pay 10 bucks for the golf car transit.  They got a few coffee shops, or you expect them to be a coffee shops but they sell sweet and sour black fungus and stuff.  Even though they are called different names, the offerings are pretty much the same.  It’s the last thing you would expect from an international airport, especially it was used for Olympics.  With regard to shopping, you’ll be disappointed and there ain’t too much to see.  If you wanna go for magazine, do expect less choices than a small 7-11 shop in Hong Kong.  One funny thing is that you would see "civilised" in Chinese everywhere.  Using a toilet seat cover is civilised, so is using only 1 sheet of paper towel only.  The moment I took a photo of the signage, I saw a guy in his 30’s walking out w/o washing hands.  How CIVILISED he is, using 0 sheet of paper towel LOL!
Okay, back to what happened in Canada,  I waited for more than 30 mins at the conveyor belt, the same old Canada! ‘n I wasn’t sitting at the front of the aircraft that getting pass the Custom much earlier than others.  Bonnie noticed me the moment I got out and hollared my name.  I did response but she couldn’t hear it and moaned about it for quite some time.  Maybe my glasses got excited by seeing a pretty gal, well or woman!  it broke into two pieces the moment I took it off.  It sounds crazy but it happened anyhow.
We went to Mississagua and had our long diner at Montana.  It was delicious, well at least my salmon and dessert were well made.  We had a long talk and took quite a few pictures.  It’s always good to see your friends!!!!
The photos will be posted on facebook!