A day at airport

CFA Exam, well not for me though

Promised to be there before 12, so left at 10:45 but I missed the bus and waited for almost 30 mins…. just hate lantau… they usually have only 1 mode of transportation to get there… Ended up at Asia World Expo at 12:15!!! Sorry sorry!!!

I really had no idea they require exam takers to get in an hour in advance, so we grabbed a quick lunch and walked around for a bit to get some fresh air and I gotta leave. Well, airport is the only place with free wifi around there and that’s my best option to kill time. The funny thing is that I couldn’t find a single power socket near any seats in Terminal 2. Hmm, really gotta find out where I could charge my macbook.

Headed back to the MTR at 5 and we decided to spend some time at Citygate. I was shocked when I got there as it was packed with people. Most of the shops stock outdated items with poor design, but Burberry does have a nice jacket, which is 50% off and costs $8K only…. hmm should I get it????



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