27… old man I am

Birthday, a year older and a year wiser! May I keep the same look though?

Thanks all for the parties, dinners, drinks and stuff! I really had a great time and it’s my pleasure to share it with y’all

Love Cucina, W, the Peak, the French Window, Shiok etc. The more important thing is that it was the time spent with valuable people. Some people may say "Oh, another bday party, a reason to get drunk, and the list goes on and on and on!" I believe it’s more than just getting drunk, or a "reason" to throw a party. It’s about sharing the important threshold you’re going to step across with the people cherished by ya. It’s also about bringing the joy and fun to others.

A special thank to Kaka for all the planning, and spent the nite with me even you were sick. Well hope you get well soon!