Hiking Week

May 8 – McLehose Trail (Section 3)

I ain’t the person who was late, and surprisingly, it was Dominic. This is so not him! 🙂 LOL anyway, we took the cab to Sai Kung as Elaine got there at 11:45 while we were still in Choi Hung MTR station. None of us had lunch and we were so determined to have a bowl of famous create your own noodle near the bus terminus. The braised pig feet were tender and not greasy at all, exceptional quality.

Geoffrey and Frank got to the bus terminus just on time, at 12:57 as the bus left at 13:00. It took about 30 minutes to get to Pak Tam Au. Section 3 starts from Pak Tam Au and finishes in Kei Ling Ha. The section involves climbing over several mountains, which include Ngau Yee Shek Shan, Ngam Tau Shan, Wa Mei Shan and Kai Kung Shan. It isn’t a very difficult route but would give the greens some reasonable challenges. We finished the hike in 4.5 hours, which includes about 30 minutes we spent in enjoying bean curd dessert. Since Geoffrey, Frank and Dominic got a plan after the hike, Elaine, Heidi and I headed to Tai Wai for a meal. Food was good and we had a good talk.

May 9 – Cheung Chau

As I promised my mom to go to Cheung Chau with her on Mother’s Day, I tried my very best to wake up early and luckily, got to the pier 20 minutes ahead of the meeting time. Again, when I’m on time, other people would be late. My mom was only a few minutes late but the ferry left the pier already.

We got to Cheung Chau at 13:30 and headed for our 1st lunch. There were some hiccups in the first restaurant we visited and we decided to go to Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre & Outdoor Cafe instead. Although they do not offer a lot of choices, what they serve is of high quality and we enjoyed the food at there very much. With a nice view and relaxing atmosphere, it’s a great place to share some laughter while enjoying the sea breeze. Alright, we’re so full of energy and ready to hit the road. We visited multiple temples, Cheung Po Tsai Cave, the cemetery and basically covered half of the Cheung Chau.

For dinner, we had a seafood fest that the seafood was bought from the wet market. We also avoided those restaurants near the pier and headed to other side of the island for a better deal and quality food.