Plover Cove Reservoir Country Trail

First of all, I must say Fi is the goddess… She has become Fiona OS 3.0 from Chameleon Fi. We all pay respect to her PT, which has been transforming her into a strong and health lady

Our original trek is from Kowloon Reservoir to Shing Mun Reservoir, but our Goddess Fi said it’d be too easy. I suggested, then, the trek Dominic and I attempted to challenge but was put off due to the weather

We were rather well prepared this time as it is a 17.5km long track and could take more than 7 hours to finish. Chocolate, candy, bread, sandwiches, chocolate bar… everything that is easy to be consumed were well prepared. The opening really wasn’t a challenge but after getting into the 1st mountain, there is warning sign states that it’s for well-equipped and experienced trekker. It then begins with a sharp hill, which is next to a cliff and we had to descend in a careful manner. Throughout the trek, there are like 8 hils, ranging from 100m to 300m and we had to keep going up and down. There ain’t much flat surface, and many parts of the trek are covered with small angular shaped rocks, which make it very slippery and difficult to walk through. Certain parts of the trek, we had to go downhill in a close to vertical fall manner. If you have a good balance and hiking shoe, it’d be alright. Please take heed, don’t challenge this trek unless you’re well prepared.

We got off the mountain at 7:30, 7.5 hours after our nice taxi ride. We are just plain lucky to be able to get out before sunset. Though it took us another hour or so to get off the dam and back to the civilized world.

For photos, check out Fi’s album on facebook