You Are Not Alone

Ignorance is the biggest enemy of progression of society and humanity. Ignorance is however, an easy obstacle to be removed. Do governments around the globe have the determination to carry it through. Have the minority groups done what you could do to be as visible as possible? Did you stand up for others when they got pick on? Race, sexual orientation, nationality don’t really matter.


3 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone

  1. I agree with you totally. We as individuals can make a difference to the world around us, whether it be small or large, but if we are united we can make even more of a difference, thank you for reblogging.

      • From what I understand (I could be wrong) Asia still holds a lot of their traditional views whereas a lot of other countries have made more steps towards modernizing. From what you said however, it seems that there is progress going on, it’s just at a slower pace. At least it’s still happening!

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