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Maybe blame god as well??? Especially for the staunch Christians since god created human

Sweet Mother

Good morning all.  So, I’m sipping my coffee and waiting to drop Wifesy off at work as I write.  Today’s post will take us off the beaten path a bit.  (I promise, I’ll still end with a joke.)  As some of you know, I moonlight at another blog writing gig.  I write for a wonderful, little, publication produced by some very dynamic thinkers in Brooklyn called, It’s Conceivable Now.  The site is a hub for gay and lesbian parenting.  Want to know how much IVF costs?  Look no further than ICN.  Want to understand surrogacy?  ICN has got it covered.  Want some funny parenting advice from a childless Mommy blogger?  Look no further, because I write for them once a month.  (lol)  I love the site.  I think it’s a quality thing of great importance.  Their tag line is:  “The Path to Parenting Isn’t Always Straight.”  Indeed, indeed.



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Would you speak up, either for yourself or for the weaker party? Confucianism says human are only beasts if they don’t participate in the society. Harmony comes from interaction between people

You Are Not Alone

Ignorance is the biggest enemy of progression of society and humanity. Ignorance is however, an easy obstacle to be removed. Do governments around the globe have the determination to carry it through. Have the minority groups done what you could do to be as visible as possible? Did you stand up for others when they got pick on? Race, sexual orientation, nationality don’t really matter.