Dynamic Touch Screen

Dynamic Touchscreens  Source: TG Daily    

When this is proliferating, the keyboard phone such as Milestone would have no reason to exist.

Touchscreens have been around for a while now and as good as they have become many people do still hanker after the feel of a button. Enter Tactus Technology and its tacticle technology using microfluids leading to dynamic touchscreens. If that sentence full of technobabble makes little sense to you let me put it in simpler terms: Tactus’ technology allows for the creation of touchscreens that can form a physical keyboard or buttons that can then merge back into the touchscreen. No moving mechanical parts here, the buttons would rise from the screen and sink back in once they are no longer needed. The technology doesn’t even require touchscreens to be any thicker than they already are because it utilises an existing layer within the stack. Some companies have previously shown an interest in this sort of approach, companies such a Apple, but Tactus is looking to 2013 to launch its first products itself.