Review of Empire Avenue

After a week of use (I won’t call myself a hardcore user but I have got on everyday so far), it’s time to write a summary of the new fab 🙂

Apparently, this online platform is more prevalent in the States and Canada, and to a certain extent in the U.K.  Asian users, so far, are a bit limited although I do see quite a few people from Malaysia.

Things I like about Empire Avenue (“E.A.”) are
1. Interesting interaction through share price
2. Most people don’t set a high privacy protection
3. Keywords like

Share price, which is represented in “e”, the virtual currency of E.A. brings a lot more interactions between users.  Even an unknown person with no common friends as share price can always be used as ice-breaker.

Things I don’t like:
1. Unable to find 2nd level connections like linkedin
2. Insufficient filtering to find users satisfying your requirements
3. No search feature to find community created groups

In a nutshell, I can see E.A. being used as a marketing platform but to be used as a network builder, it is significantly worse than linkedin etc.

P.S. my profile on E.A. –