Met Edwin today to discuss his saving goal, and recommended him an investment-linked product.  It’s always good to start saving early, and even he doesn’t change anything, the plan should be enough for him to have a decent life when retire.
We went cycling after that, and rode all the way to Tai Mei Tuk.  It wasn’t easy since both of us hadn’t been rode bicycle for a while. Luckily, we arrived there safe and enjoyed the breezy summer wind.  The return trip was much tougher for us since both of us were tired and we were tryin’ to get back to the store on time. 
We had a nice dinner and dessert together after we returned the bicycles. It’s a wonderful day and I certainly had a great time…


P.S. Please check out the photos uploaded


Promised ’bout a week ago to volunteer in today’s function.  The main objective is to provide a relaxing time dor people suffering down syndrome and their family.  Actually, there wasn’t much for us to do but it was nice to meet Paul and Wilson.  We were all lookin’ like a red bell pepper lol…

New stuff

Jusco has 5% off, so I asked my mom to go with me as she has an AEON Card.  Since I didn’t get her any Mother’s Day present, I decided to get her a new mattress, and here we go – a nice double mattress.  Hopefully, she will sleep better and deeper, and the neck pain will go away.  I also couldn’t resist the temptation – caused by Gehrig’s spending spree and bought a new Xbox360 lol.  Feeling so confused now, as was like when I got the PS2 few years ago in Cosco.

Wetland Park

Skipped work today and went to the new HK enviro landmark – Wetland Park.  We only got an hour and a half since I woke up too late but we still got tons of fun.  Since my fd – Kevin is an employee of that park, he gave me a personal tour and I did take up a bit but it isn’t as informative as I was expecting, compared with other learning oriented parks overseas.  I uploaded some pictures to the folder – Wetland Park (enjoy!!)