Today is the last workshop day for Module C.  Yeah!!! it’s done.. well at least for the workshop part lol.  It’s relaxing while I know sth more tedious is comin’ up, let’s just enjoy it a bit

Got a date w/ Shing after the workshop at Plaza Hollywood.  We had a good talk and it’s good to share w/ a fd.

Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape Concert – Hong Kong

2 days after Brett’s concert, another one came up… lol this time watch it w/ Grace.  I thought I’d be late but it turned out she got to Tsing Yi station later than me. lol

The concert held at Asia World Expo, and the concert was much bigger than the Brett’s one.  The concert began late – no updated on the time.  I specificed asked 1010 Concierge to update me if there was any changes.  We got a okay seat but not too okay people.  The locals were just standing there… they didn’t yell, didn’t move… like somewhat a mortified flesh… left standing in there.  It was a big turn-off, when Grace and I tried to immerse ourselves w/ others.  Sections on our left and right were both far more exciting!!!

The unexpected thing was people w/ the cheapest tickets got the closest touches on gwen… close to the end of the concert, she ran to the back of the arena, and climbed up to the seating zone.  It was funny to watch that. lol.  She did sing a bit less songs than brett anderson, but the overall effect and presentation was better.

Brett Anderson Concert – Hong Kong

Location:  Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Time: 8:30 – 10:00  (actual time)
Date: Aug 14, 2007

Music Equipment: 7/10
Atmospere: 10/10
People: 10/10

Yeah, it was a blast.. like 15 songs were sung, more than the Japan and Korean concert, as he claimed.  People went crazy from the 1st song and we all ran to the front of the seating area.  People just sang together and enjoyed it tremendously.  The music equipment wasn’t top notch, as there were a few occassions that a high pichy squeaking noise was produced.  He had a good control on the atmosphere and basically 15 songs non-stop. 

HK singers SUCK!


Yeah… finally got around to see a movie.  The pick was Transformers, met up w/ Zoran and Jessica at 7:30.  The movie itself isn’t bad, and I enjoyed it tremendously.  Some laughers along the movie to give everyone a break, and the transforming processes are all cool.

Well, Jessica is a nice gal too… nice to meet her anyway.


Well, they’re always inefficient, ineffective, and bureaucratic. Well, they posted the result at 9:40, which was later than usual but nevermind, as long as I got a pass.

I’m so tired of this kind of life… it’s like non-stop that I never get a moment to catch my breath……  Work hard, everyone on A&C