Fine food around the globe

I’ve been on a crusade for world ingenious food.  African, Nepalese, Indian, Indian and Russian are some of the cuisines I’ve tasted recently.  I really like the African stuff, especially their banana (deep fried) chips.  It tastes strong yet sweet after mixing with the chili sauce.  It is actually a street food that you’ll see regularly in Africa.

Nepalese – Himalaya Restaurant

  • Aloo Dum – fried potato w/ chili and tomato
  • Himali Lamb Seku
  • Bengali Fish Pot
  • Chyau Ra Tarulko Tarkari – Taro and mushroom, and the taro tastes like kudzu root
  • Cheese Naan

The lamb was very tender, surprisingly, maybe the yogurt or other enzymes help!