Review of Empire Avenue

After a week of use (I won’t call myself a hardcore user but I have got on everyday so far), it’s time to write a summary of the new fab 🙂

Apparently, this online platform is more prevalent in the States and Canada, and to a certain extent in the U.K.  Asian users, so far, are a bit limited although I do see quite a few people from Malaysia.

Things I like about Empire Avenue (“E.A.”) are
1. Interesting interaction through share price
2. Most people don’t set a high privacy protection
3. Keywords like

Share price, which is represented in “e”, the virtual currency of E.A. brings a lot more interactions between users.  Even an unknown person with no common friends as share price can always be used as ice-breaker.

Things I don’t like:
1. Unable to find 2nd level connections like linkedin
2. Insufficient filtering to find users satisfying your requirements
3. No search feature to find community created groups

In a nutshell, I can see E.A. being used as a marketing platform but to be used as a network builder, it is significantly worse than linkedin etc.

P.S. my profile on E.A. –

{EAV_BLOG_VER:5cbf73b5ca3efc45} Empire Avenue – social networking again


Like a stock market, this allows you to buy shares of different people or brands, in which their values are based on the online activities, such as facebook, twitter, youtube, blog etc.

Go to to check it out. I believe it will be of a success