Merry X’mas, everyone!

May I wish everyone have his/her dreams come true? Be gentle to everyone around you and we’ll all live in a pleasant and peaceful way.

The X’mas party at JLA is a blast, and like the paintball game, our team is a blast and blew other teams away in the "Quiz". It’s also the best X’mas Eve Party I’ve ever had with colleagues so far. The present exchange session is a bit embarrassing as my present didn’t arrive on time but it’s worth the wait since it’s something I planned to get for myself anyway. I wonder if it’s a coincidence or…….

Candy, Jerome, Daniel and I headed to LKF for a few drinks. Oscar also joined us after picking him up on my way back to office to collect my wallet. It was very relaxing and I had a good time. Oscar and I left a bit early, at 7:40 and walked along the Wyndham Street to our dinner place. Even we were close to 15 mins late, we still arrived earlier than a few people and we got 12 ppl in total. The food was not stunning for sure, but it was the experience that matters! The present thing, the chat and everything.

Everyone but us had a drinking party after the dinner but I’ve been having too much alcohol…. Yeah, really needa control it. I still hadn’t gotten a chance to check out the light decoration and we decided to take the star ferry to enjoy sea breeze and the lights. Absolutely refreshing is it and I was so glad that we took that route. We walked all da way down to Jordan for buses to go home and I passed out almost immediately after I settled myself down on the bus.

I really enjoy all the presents received, especially from Kabu. Love it love it and love it!

A day at airport

CFA Exam, well not for me though

Promised to be there before 12, so left at 10:45 but I missed the bus and waited for almost 30 mins…. just hate lantau… they usually have only 1 mode of transportation to get there… Ended up at Asia World Expo at 12:15!!! Sorry sorry!!!

I really had no idea they require exam takers to get in an hour in advance, so we grabbed a quick lunch and walked around for a bit to get some fresh air and I gotta leave. Well, airport is the only place with free wifi around there and that’s my best option to kill time. The funny thing is that I couldn’t find a single power socket near any seats in Terminal 2. Hmm, really gotta find out where I could charge my macbook.

Headed back to the MTR at 5 and we decided to spend some time at Citygate. I was shocked when I got there as it was packed with people. Most of the shops stock outdated items with poor design, but Burberry does have a nice jacket, which is 50% off and costs $8K only…. hmm should I get it????