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Maybe blame god as well??? Especially for the staunch Christians since god created human

Sweet Mother

Good morning all.  So, I’m sipping my coffee and waiting to drop Wifesy off at work as I write.  Today’s post will take us off the beaten path a bit.  (I promise, I’ll still end with a joke.)  As some of you know, I moonlight at another blog writing gig.  I write for a wonderful, little, publication produced by some very dynamic thinkers in Brooklyn called, It’s Conceivable Now.  The site is a hub for gay and lesbian parenting.  Want to know how much IVF costs?  Look no further than ICN.  Want to understand surrogacy?  ICN has got it covered.  Want some funny parenting advice from a childless Mommy blogger?  Look no further, because I write for them once a month.  (lol)  I love the site.  I think it’s a quality thing of great importance.  Their tag line is:  “The Path to Parenting Isn’t Always Straight.”  Indeed, indeed.



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What are the new generation thinking?

A recent review of Hong Kong tertiary education system on ATV’s Inside Story (April 24, 2012) should have alarmed many people, especially academics and human resources mangers on the overall quality of the new workforce.  Some particular comments made by those interviewees, which I found unbelievable, are as follows:

1. Taking a degree after an associate degree is a gambling! There is no guarantee I would be able to make more.
2. I am making less than those who have Form 5 qualification only.  Why should I waste that two years on the associate degree?
3. I can have no dream.  No house, no marriage and no nothing!

My comment to these people is wise-up!  Think long-term prospect!!!  We all know that all advanced economies are moving toward knowledge based economy and all high value-added tasks would require not only an undergraduate degree but post-graduate.  Yes, you may make less than a Form 5 graduate working as a shop manager or what not, how about in the future? How much upside do they have? How about yourself?

In addition, undergraduate degree is just a stepping stone for you to fine tune your skills and expand your knowledge in a postgraduate degree.  As I’ve mentioned, more jobs will require an advanced degree or other professional qualifications as one of the basic requirements.  Without a degree, it’s almost an equivalence of road blockssssss!

Confucianism, a Chinese tradition with more than 2000 years of history, emphasizes education.  Education is more than just getting your a well-paid job.  It’s about building your soft and hard skills.  If your whole objective is to get a degree and get a job, you will be doomed because you are not aware of how important life-long learning is.  The most important skills, on top of the hard technical skills, one should take it with them from a degree are critical analytical, problem solving and self-learning skills.  With these skills, you know where to get help, when to get help and how to get help.  Without these skills, you are worse than a robot with good A.I. real soon!

Although their comments are ridiculous, in my point of view, it is important to understand the underlying contributing factor(s) of their beliefs.  Have our teachers and schools implanted the good moral percepts? emphasis on education and knowledge?  How about their families?  There are many possibilities but this is a warning signal to our government, teachers, and parents. Our labour force is unlikely to be able to compete with other advanced economy in the future, with the type of people we saw in the programme.  Knowledge is power cannot be more true than ever.

Earth Day 2012

Happy Earth Day, everyone.  Have you achieved what you pledged to accomplish last year?

Yes? that’s good and make a bigger pledge this year!!!
No? no worry, try it again and try to break it down into smaller pieces of promise.

Go to and make your pledges today.  Lots of tips and news are up there too.  What are ya friggin’ waiting for?

Busy as hell

Can’t believe that the paper would take me so long to complete… the topic is like walking a tight rope and the moment you get chilled, you are dead!!!

Topic: Culture Analysis of the Mediation Tradition in China.

Still not fully done as I need to cut down the length of my paper…. let’s do some tort revision now…

Things I’ve Learned in My Thirties

What have you learnt in your past 10 year?

The Mother Hood

Friday, April 13, 2012

I’m turning 40 on Sunday and embracing it every step of the way.  I have lost my brother and sister in my 30’s, both passing away before they were 45.  In fact, my sister died when she was 35 and my brother died just before he turned 42.  It’s strange being the one left behind.  They were both very troubled souls and I do miss them every day.  The pain isn’t has sharp as it once was, but I often feel the void.  Nonetheless, I see my 40th birthday as a day to celebrate my life and all the beautiful parts about it.

Normally, I stay on topic and talk about the process that my dearly beloved and I are going through as we try to conceive, but I think I would be remiss if I did not stop to acknowledge this monumental moment in my…

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