Expensive Books

Total including GST&PST almost 200…….

Toronto & San Jose Trip

Have been too lazy to update this space.. as always

It’s too much to say, so really hard to organize. I’ll just pick few places I really love

My mom, my grandmom & me went to Toronto Zoo on June 10. The day before my mom headed back to Hong Kong. There were so many animals/insects that I had never seen before. For myself, I love the polar bear, grizzle bear, and kangaroo most. We spent around 5 hours over there and then we went to CN Tower.

The CN Tower part was smooth. It wasn’t like last time that my grandmom had had to wait for 2 hrs….  She didn’t get in afterall, so it was something new to her anyway. The view is magnificant and we really love the glass floor.

For the trip to San Jose/San Francisco, only my grandmom & I were lucky enough to go. My mom had to work, so she gotta go back. I was quite sad …..

Interestingly, our flight from YYZ to SFO arrived 30 mins ahead of schedule. My lovely cousin picked us up from the airport and we had a wonderful dinner at home. Too bad didn’t I take any picture of our dinner .

The place I luv most in San Jose is the Tech Museum. It doesn’t only cover computer related exhibits but also medicial related stuff. It’s highly informative and I learnt a lot from there. Even joint and hip replacement are available over there. You sure do take care of your body after spending time over there…lol

Golden Gate Bridge is a great architecture but nth new to me… so I’ll skip that.

My convocation

My convocation was fun.. check out the pix guys!!! Chloe, Grace, my grandma and my mom went to Harvest Moon for dimsum before we headed to Hamilton Place. We were all so full and basically we left on time. Unfortunately, there was traffic jam in King 1, and it took us almost 15 mins to get to Hamilton Place.

The convocation was long and tedious. I almost fell asleep but it was fun though. People were cheering and the most funny thing happened inside was someone yellled "I luy you Alinka".. lol it was so sweet  I’m sure he doesn’t need to remember anything in the coming 3 years… lol After that, a guy yelled at another guy who was getting the conferring from the chancellor. Everyone burst into laugher.

After that, I drove back to school and took many pictures… also a frame for my certificate.. It was the choice between brairwood and aluminium….guess wot I got…